The love affair between Moose and the Mailman has gone crazy viral.

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Moose.  Moose is an adorable 2-year-old Golden Retriever that lives in Grand Rapids.  With 28,000 followers on Instgram, he has far more of a social media presence than most of us humans.  One thing that makes Moose extra adorable is his love for the mailman.  He's not your stereotypical dog that barks endlessly every time a mail carrier comes by the house.  Quite the opposite actually.

Moose lays in the driveway calmly, sweeping the pavement with his happy tail as his buddy gets closer.  In fact, sometime the mailman has a seat and spends a little time with Moose.  Check out this adorable instagram video.

Clearly, there is a mutual love and respect happening here.  This is probably the highlight of both of their days.  However, I do wonder if the postal worker realizes he is being recorded every day and uploaded to the internet.

But seriously, this cute story has a sad back story.  Moose's human, Meghan Grunszynski explained in an interview with The Dodo that she found out that the mailman recently lost his dog.  Which means, this is probably more than just a cute moment with a neighborhood dog for him.  Moose is doing his part to help an animal lover heal.  #WeDontDeserveDogs

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