I'll be the roundabout
The words will make you out 'n' out
I spend the day your way
Call it morning driving through the sound and
In and out the valley
- Yes,  "Roundabout"


(Roundabout lyrics ©Jon Anderson / Steve James Howe Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)

The Michigan Department of Transportation said they'd be done constructing the Gull Road Roundabout on/or about August 1st, and the new roundabout at Gull Road (M-343) and G Avenue in Comstock Township has opened.

The $4.1 million dollar project is open, but there may be some shoulder work in the coming days as crews finish some cosmetic sprucing up.

"This project will result in improved safety along the M-343 corridor by slowing traffic and making it easier for travelers to access businesses and local roads. We still have some work to do off the roadway, but we're happy to deliver this project on time for the folks who've been so patient with us this year." - said MDOT Construction Engineer Chris Jacobs.

The $4.1 million investment included realigning the M-343/28th Street intersection and adding a dedicated left-turn lane on M-343 at 28th Street. 27th Street also was realigned to improve safety.

Graphic from Michigan Department of Transportation. (MichiganDOT via YouTube)
Graphic from Michigan Department of Transportation. (MichiganDOT via YouTube)

If you're not experienced driving through roundabouts, you may just want to wait a few weeks, as the construction barrels are still everywhere, and it could be a little disconcerting to some drivers. Maybe pick a Saturday or Sunday morning to get familiar with it.

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