We’re facing by far the coldest week of this winter season. National Weather Service forecasters are now calling for nighttime lows in the single digits at least through Friday.  Daytime highs probably won’t go past 20, if that. Even though this is Michigan, we typically do not get extended stretches of near or below zero weather.

So now we know it’s here. Have you put enough time and attention into making sure you’ll get through it ok?  That goes especially for your car or truck.  Things that work ok in the 30’s don’t always appreciate having to carry the same load when it’s around zero. Sometimes they give up when we least expect it to happen. Car and Driver has a great winter weather vehicle protection story on its web site. Much of the information is coming from a vehicle mechanic in Alaska. And additional tips from the Car Care Council.

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One of the easiest things to forget is tire inflation when it gets real cold. The lower the temperature, the more your tires will lose pressure. Some peopole think lower tire pressure puts more tread on the road surface and that will help with winter traction. Wrong. Tire manufacturers do not recommend running lower pressure than is recommended for a tire. Ever. So make sure to check the pressure in your tires and keep it where it should be.

Do you drive a late model car or truck? Does it have one or more LCD screens for driving information or entertainment? You’ll notice the colder the interior, the more lethargic the display will be. In many cases, that’s simply the molecules in the crystals not responding well due to the cold.  They’ll come back to normal as the interior temperature goes up and they can get back into normal operating range of temperatures.

For the full lineup of cold weather things, you should review for your vehicle, check out the Car and Driver report, and order a free Care Care Guide to help you with your vehicle year-round.

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