I know someone who went to an event in Lansing several years ago in which former Gov. Granholm stood in front of several hundred people and essentially let the left’s deception out of the bag on how they plan to force all of us out of our gas-powered vehicles and into electric vehicles (EV’s). Vehicles that many people don’t want or are way too expensive for the average American to buy.

Now many of you will probably be able to guess how they might do that because if you listen to my show we already know you’re pretty smart!. But I’ll pose this question anyway: 

What are the most common ways to make something expensive appear cheaper?

  1. The first and most obvious is, to actually lower the price of it, right? But car companies can’t do that or they’ll lose even more money per EV.
  2. The second way is to offer a rebate or subsidy. Which in the case of EV’s comes in the form of tax credits paid for by.....that’s right, taxpayers like you and me.
  3. The third method is to finance the item over a long period of time. Makes those monthly payments look better. I know when I was growing up the longest car loan you ever saw was 5 years or 60 months. Now they’re going out to 72, or 84 months in some cases. Pretty soon you’ll be able to finance your car as long as your house!
  4. The final and more insidious way to make a product look cheaper is to artificially raise the price of the competing product, in this case, gas-powered vehicles. In a free market, it’s pretty difficult for one company to raise the price of a competitor’s product. But not for the government.

When the government decides to put its thumb on the scale it has an almost unfettered ability to impact markets through additional regulations, fees, penalties, design requirements, etc. And that’s what Granholm alluded to in her private speech when she was asked how EV’s were going to be able to gain market share given the cost and range disparities vs gas vehicles which have made people reluctant to buy them.

She stated that in the not-too-distant future the “economics” would be such that gasoline-powered engines would disappear and we all would be driving electric vehicles. I always love when liberals like Jennifer Granholm and AOC talk about “economics” cause that’s usually code for “taxpayers are about to get screwed paying for more subsidies for their special interest pals.”

Now I know some of you are going to say “no Renk, what she means is the price of EV’s will fall as batteries and other parts get cheaper and then they’ll naturally be less expensive than gas vehicles". if that actually happened through the free market process, then I’d be okay with that. But we all know the government can’t resist playing favorites. Especially when millions of dollars in campaign, lobbying, and special interest money is dangled in front of them.  So how do they do it, very easily:

  • They start tightening tailpipe emissions regulations
  • increasing CAFÉ or mileage standards
  • increasing gas taxes (which Biden has already proposed – and by the way, have you seen the price of gas in the last week?  Under Trump, it was under $2.00 for over a year and in one week of Biden, we’re headed for $3. Thanks a lot, Joe.). 
  • They can also increase fees and taxes on gas vehicle registrations, subsidize battery manufacturing
  • and increase taxpayer-funded incentives for purchasing an EV

So yes, add all those things together and you can see how it’d be pretty easy to push up the price of a gas vehicle and make an EV look less expensive.  Thus incentivize people, in a dubious way, to purchase something many do not want at this time.

And what if the government just came out and proclaimed, “look, we’ve got this study and cars made before 2000-whatever emit 100 parts per million more carbon than recommended under the Paris Accords or the IPCC report, or the Bullwinkle Commission or whatever BS rationale they concoct, so after x-date, they won’t be able to be registered and driven on the roads. 

Think it can’t happen? All they need is for one or two of their radical environmental activist groups to file a lawsuit against the government and they’ll just agree to a settlement to do it. That happened many times during the Obama-Biden administration and taxpayers never knew about it. It was called “Sue & Settle” and it was a scam and a fraud on taxpayers.

And if car companies continue to be pressured, or at some point mandated by the government to only manufacture EV’s, what choice are you going to have? Remember the incandescent light bulb? Another bad decision by Fred Upton.

So don’t think for one minute that Jennifer is going to wait for the market to drive EV prices down. Now that they have the power and carbon reduction is apparently a goal of every federal department under Biden, the door has blown wide open for them to take whatever action they deem necessary since it’s supposedly an “existential crisis” now. 

Who knows, maybe Dr. Fauci will even recommend that we were masks in gas vehicles due to the dangerous carbon emissions but EV’s are totally safe.

That is how the evilness of this administration will manifest itself on this particular issue and force people to buy vehicles they do not want to buy.

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