There was an interesting article in Mlive that asked the question “How much would Hurricane Harvey rain raise the Great Lakes?”.

The article put into perspective the amount of rain that has fallen from Hurricane Harvey.

We are informed by the website that they have estimated 19 trillion gallons of water has fallen from Hurricane Harvey.  If we took that amount of water and dumped it into the Great Lakes it would raise the water level of all the Great Lakes approximately one foot.

Now that is a tremendous rise and really does bring home how much rain has fallen from this epic hurricane and what the people of that area have and are facing.

Another interesting fact I found in the Mlive article was for a one inch rise in water level on a Great Lake:

  • Lake Superior needs 550 billion gallons
  • Lake Michigan & Lake Huron need 790 billion gallons
  • Lake Erie needs 120 billion gallons
  • Lake Ontario needs 170 billion gallons.

Let us all pray for the people who were in the path of this epic hurricane and the future that awaits them.

I would also like to point out how so many Americans are coming together to help the people affected, from donating time, money and their service to save people from their flood stricken homes.  These people are using their own boats to navigate these dangerous areas and find people who are stranded.  That is the true American spirit and we should all remember this time when the media decides to stop covering this tragic event and goes back to their normal procedure of attempting to divide "We the People"

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