Hurricane Irma is churning in the Atlantic and some projections have it hitting Florida. The governors of Puerto Rico and Florida have already declared states of emergency.

And even more important, I have heard from great sources that CNN is already preparing stories to condemn the President if he visits Florida, and stories to condemn him if he doesn’t visit Florida. That might sound like a joke, but I guarantee that some of these news organizations are talking about just that!

President Trump could stand on the beach in the Florida Keys holding a 9-iron, and use it to deflect the hurricane out into the Atlantic, and the headline would read “Trump plays golf during disaster.”

That is unfortunately the day and age we live in, the mainstream manipulative news (MSMN) can no longer be trusted.  You think I am way off the reservation, then wait until you hear the condemnation of President Trump no matter what he does in regards to Hurricane Irma.   It happened during the last hurricane it will happen during this one.

Still think I am wrong, then decide now what he should do and see what the MSMN does.

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