A personal trainer claims that running like a dog has given him ripped abs.  But is this actually bad for your body?

Nathaniel Nolan is a personal trainer out of Carmel, Indiana.  He currently has a huge following on social media with nearly 1 million followers on his TikTok channel @xpmovement with 26.7 million total video likes.  Nolan posted a video on the popular social media app on June 16th that went viral to the tune of 23 million views in less than 5 weeks.  In this video he is showing a workout he claims is responsible for his ripped physique.  That workout is running on all fours like a dog.

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First of all, kudos to this guy for not caring what his neighbors think was he walks and/or runs on all fours in the front yard.  But my second thought has more to do with safety.  Since the human body isn't built for running like a dog, are you at risk of minor or major injury by doing this every day?  Nolan told ABC 7 Chicago that he started doing this workout because his everyday workouts which included calisthenics, jujitsu, and breakdancing were causing his body issues,

I was suffering from a lot of pain in like my wrists and hands and shoulder and stuff.

This is a fairly new craze, so there's no real evidence that this could be damaging to your body.  But please consult your doctor or a professional fitness instructor before adding this exercise to your workout.

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