Yesterday on the Live with Renk Show, Renk interviewed the Michigan Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Rich Studley.  In the interview Renk spoke to Rich concerning the Michigan Chamber of Commerce pledge of "full, unequivocal" backing of the Governor’s educational proposals, known as Michigan Reconnect and the Michigan Opportunity Scholarship.

Governor Whitmer is asking the Legislature to authorize tuition-free community college or technical training for nontraditional students, those 25 and older without an associate's or bachelor's degree. The Governor believes the Reconnect program would benefit an estimated 51,000 students starting this summer and cost $110 million over two years.

Governor Whitmer's Opportunity Scholarship initiative would provide graduating high school students in the class of 2020 and beyond three years or 60 credit hours of tuition at a community college, with no means testing, or a two-year $2,500 annual scholarship to those attending a four-year college or university. The latter would only qualify with a minimum 3.0 GPA and a household income under $80,000.

By the way the $2,500 dollars for the first two years as part of the Opportunity Scholarship will pay for about 5 to 6 credit hours each year.  You need generally need 120 credit hours to graduate.

Below is the audio of that interview, in which we found out a few more details that were not reported by the press.

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