I have had dogs during my life and some are greatly missed and others not so much.  Does that sound mean to you?  I did not hate the dogs, some of them were let us say difficult.

A group called “Protect My Paws” decided to have a little fun and attempt to determine which dog breeds behave the “naughtiest” and which were the “best behaved”.  I will admit it was not very scientific since they came to their findings reviewing Instagram comments.  It is fun though to see if they are correct to some degree.  I have always had mutts that we saved from shelters so I really cannot compare our dogs to this survey.

They do point to a study published in the Royal Society science that has shown how DNA could shape approximately 15% of a dog breed’s personality.  I think people who own or have owned pure breed dogs would agree to that.  In fact, I thought that number would have been much higher.

In their own words this is what they stated was their Methodology:

 “To create these tables, we made a list of good and bad dog hashtags ( #gooddog, #cleverdog, #cleverpuppy, #baddog, #naughtypuppy, #cheekydog, #muddydog). Then we made a comprehensive list of dog breeds and analyzed Instagram posts featuring a dog breed and any of those hashtags. (87,886 posts in total.) We then calculated the proportion of good to bad hashtags for each breed to identify the top naughty and well-behaved breeds. 43,367 geotagged posts were analyzed in order to create the maps.  The data was gathered in June 2021”

According to their unscientific but fun study the best-behaved dog breed on Instagram was:

  • The Korean Jindo Dog. That breed scored 75.86% positive behavior tags
  • The naughtiest dog breed is the Japanese Spitz. That breed scored 86.67% negative behavior tags

Where does your dog land on their unscientific study, check out their results and have some fun with it.

Here are a couple of other fun facts they shared:

  • The country of South Africa believe they are the home to the naughtiest dogs
  • The country of Ukraine believe they are the home to the best-behaved dogs

How about when it comes to cities

  • Moscow, Russia believes they have the best-behaved dogs
  • Canberra, Australia, believe their city has the naughtiest dogs

Have some fun with this and let us know your dog breed and its behavior by going to the Renk Live Facebook page and commenting under the link.

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