No human being can make something as beautiful as Mother Nature.  Mother Nature, or some would say a higher power, is the true artist and creator of beauty.

"Global warming cold" has come so very early to Michigan, it has created what they call sea smoke. Frost smoke or steam fog, as it is also known, was spotted the other day in the straits of Mackinac.  Due to the fact that the "global warming cold" has come so early the waters in the straits are still warm.

Sea smoke occurs when very cold air comes in over warmer water.  In this case this very cold global warming air has come in over the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the Straits of Mackinac.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority tweeted out yesterday morning:

Very chilly conditions this morning on the straits and the Mackinac Bridge…We promise the water is still out there somewhere!

Thanks for the picture Mackinac Bridge Authority it is great sometimes in our busy days to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, oh sorry and not to leave them out Global Warming.

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