It's amazing just how interesting it is to hang around with a bunch of guys, watching another bunch of guys---dig a hole.

Yep.  A hole.  Jim Wood and his crew from Wood Well Drilling are on site, trying to help the po' folk here at 390 Golden to get some water.  Seems our previous well pump is deceased and for reasons that are too numerous to mention here, the current well can't be used again.

What is interesting and entertaining is to watch and to listen to the interactions between Jim, our Chief Engineer Dale Schiesser, and contract engineer Walker Sisson, as they three have numerous concerns over buried cables and such.  This new hole has got to be  in J-U-S-T the right spot to avoid, well a real bad situation.  Listening to Jim discuss the nature of the subterranean layers of the area and where the best water can be found is a real education.  40 years in the business in this area will give you that knowledge for sure.  So, there will probably be a lot of little holes in the back yard until we do the big one!

Selfishly, we all want some water.  How may I politely say this?  We're all real fond of FLUSHING!  And it is with THIS point that we should like to thank the folks at Flash Sanitation for their help here, and to the people at A&B Cleaning and Environmental Service.  (To  Rochelle, we're really sorry.)

Maybe we'll strike oil ala Jed Clampett.


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