It’s described as an urgent situation.  The Ingham County Health Department is recommending al Michigan State University Students to self-quarantine.  While it is not an order, MSU administrators are saying violators will pay a price.  They’re just not sure what that will be at this point.  The university is considering interim suspensions in cases where students have been found to be repeat violators of university rules for social distancing. The self-quarantine period runs through next Saturday, the 26th.

The county health department reports 342 people connected with MSU have tested positive for COVID-19 since students began returning to campus three weeks ago. With a student population of just over 49,800, the positive count works out to be .068%, or 68 hundredths of one percent of the total. The local health department is not disclosing how many of those testing positives in the last three weeks are exhibiting symptoms of an active virus. Nor are any hospitalizations being disclosed. Oddly, considering the urgent characterization of the MSU outbreak, the Ingham County Health Department has no problems if students want to leave their residence to go to a job or venture out in the community to do things like grocery shopping, or to get medicine or medical supplies.

The University of Michigan has made students and faculty aware that a student who uses music practice rooms on campus has tested positive. Self-quarantine recommendations are posted for students in that U of M program.

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