This is the biggest game of the year, this side of Ohio State and Michigan, and, well, truth be told, that's hasn't been much of a game this century, either.

It's the rivalry game that means everything to Broncos and Bronco alumni; Broncos vs. Chips. But it's 2020, so it's just not the same. Yes, the game is on ESPN2, but in any other year, you'd be gathering with friends in a sports bar or in a dorm or campus facility.. There's something about that group ambiance that'll be missing, but bars are closed to people, as of today (though I'm not naive to believe there won't be any "informal" student gatherings for the game of the year.) And, of course, no fans in the stands. A snarky thought from last week: for a MAC game on a frigid November night, empty stands seem pretty normal.

But enough griping...the game starts at 7:00. WMU is a one point favorite. And this sets up to be a pretty good matchup this year. You've got the MAC's best offense and against the MAC's best defense. WMU leads the conference in scoring offense at 49.5 points per game. CMU leads the MAC, holding opponents to just 18.5 points per game.

Bronco quarterback Kaleb Eleby has emerged as a fine successor to Jon Wassink, having tossed 6 touchdown passes so far in two games. Tonight will be a good test for the Bronco offense.

Sure, it took some trickery and a bit of a miracle last week, but you have to do what you have to do. It should be fun tonight.

Afterward, the Broncos get ten days off before moving to the Saturday portion of this year's schedule, with two straight home games, the first of which is Northern Illinois on Nov. 28th.

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