We all know that even though consuming alcohol is legal, driving while under the influence is not. Similarly, while Marijuana is legalized on the recreational level in Michigan, that doesn't mean you can drive while high.

But, what about your passenger?

Michigan's Laws About Passengers Consuming Alcohol/Marijuana

It should come as no surprise that Michigan's laws about drivers being under the influence also applies to passengers.

For alcohol, the rules fall under the law about open containers in vehicles. According to an article from Grabel & Associates, who are Michigan DUI lawyers,

Consuming alcohol while in a motor vehicle is illegal in Michigan, whether the driver or passenger is drinking. State law requires that any open alcohol containers are stored in the trunk, so they are not at easy access to those inside the vehicle.

Additionally, if the open container can't be stored in the trunk (if the car doesn't have one), it can be stored in a locked glove compartment or wherever the driver or passenger cannot reach it.

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Penalties for driving with an open container that is not secured can include 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. Read more here.

For the ol' Mary Jane, the rules are about the same.

According to davidchristensenlaw.com, drivers in Michigan cannot have any amount of marijuana in their system when operating a vehicle. Passengers are also not allowed to consume weed while the car is on a public road.

The penalties for being caught consuming marijuana while driving is the same as driving under the influence of alcohol: a $500 fine and up to 93 days in jail.

So, no. Just because you're a passenger in a car that's driving down a road in Michigan doesn't mean you can imbibe or inhale. Even if the products in question are legal.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is this...if you plan on partying, enjoying drinks/weed casually, or otherwise...it's best to just stay home. The munchies can be easily cured thanks to the many delivery services available in every area.

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