A couple of days ago, a series of potentially dangerous storms passed over the Chicago area.

Incredibly, as a meteorologist was giving a weather update, a tornado formed in real-time over O'Hare International Airport. And, it was all caught on video during the forecast.

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The meteorologist is NBC 5 Storm Team's Chief Meteorologist, Brant Miller. In the video, which you can see below, you can see him start his forecast, pause, and then asks, "Right there?" On the screen behind him, you see what looks like swirling clouds. Take a look:

I'm glad they address the blue sky in the background because that's the first thing I noticed. The National Weather Service did confirm that a tornado did touch down near O'Hare. It was one of multiple tornadoes to touch down in the city that day, according to nbcchicago.com.

But, Tornadoes Can't Hit Big Cities

If you grew up with the belief that tornadoes can't touch down in big cities, I'm sorry to tell you, that's false.

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Over the years, there have been a number of tornadoes in major cities like Miami, St. Lois, Dallas, and Chicago, according to stormaware.mo.gov.

What to do During a Tornado Watch/Warning

Whether there's a tornado watch or a tornado warning, you should know the proper steps to take to make sure you're prepared and stay safe.

According to michigan.gov, when a tornado watch is issued you should:

  • move closer to a nearby shelter or sturdy building in case a warning is issued
  • remain alert
  • check NOAA, local radio, or local news broadcasts for updated information

When a warning is issued you should take shelter immediately. This means that a tornado has been spotted.

For more information on what to do to prepare for a tornado before a watch or warning is issued and on what to do if you find yourself trapped after a tornado, visit michigan.gov.

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