Axel Foley is back, and Michiganders are all abuzz about it. Mostly, because he's a Detroit cop, who reps the Lions with his iconic letterman's jacket in every Beverly Hills Cop movie.

However, this time, the star of the film - or at least the trailer - isn't Eddie Murphy, but rather the local icon, and the Detroit Lions' pillar of hope, Jared Goff.

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Netflix will be releasing "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" in July, starring Eddie Murphy again as his iconic character Axel Foley. The original 1984 film has spawned two sequels - excluding this one - and two video games that weren't that great.

The film has been a big topic of discussion concerning Eddie Murphy's somewhat return to acting in big films after greatly stepping out of the spotlight following some underperforming films. But this seems to be a home run for him, and he's tying in his local Detroit connections.

The official trailer was released a few weeks ago, but it's the latest from Netflix that's got Michigan, and Detroit talking, since it stars Lions quarterback Jared Goff.

WARNING: Some NSFW Language in this trailer

It's an interesting dynamic, considering Axel is a Detroit Cop who finds himself in L.A., versus Goff, who is from L.A., and wound up in Detroit.

This prompts Goff to use Axel Foley as inspiration to better identify as a person who still lives a bit in both words.

"The biggest lesson I learned from Axel Foley, is to ignore the critics. Because guys like us... we get the last laugh."

Hopefully that "last laugh" for Goff is an eventual Super Bowl run with the Lions in the near future.

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" will premiere on Netflix July 3rd, and no doubt all of Detroit... and Beverly Hills, will be watching.

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