Any time a team releases some new swag, colors, and uniforms, fans will quick to criticize. Such was the case this week when the Detroit Lions unveiled some new uniform alternates, and color schemes.

If you ask me, so long as it's got Honolulu Blue, and Silver in the scheme, we're all good, and I kinda think these new alternates look cool. But of course, the internet is a brutal landscape of trolling landmines, and they got ahold of the photos, putting these new uniforms on blast.

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Let's give the rundown of these new uniforms first. Rather than a heavy color scheme that relies on the Blue, White, and Silver, these focus more on the darker scheme, injecting a layer of black into the overall look.

In the official promo, we first get a look at the Blue and Silver focused jerseys, followed by the clean whites with blue accents. But it's the last set of alternates that have people buzzing.

A Matte Honolulu Blue helmet, with a BLACK Lion Logo and black facemask, coupled with a BLACK jersey and black pants with Honolulu Blue script and silver and white accents.

I'm gonna double down and say they look pretty awesome, and the emphasis on the REAL colors of the team are beautiful.

And by the "Panthers," Black Dynamite here is referring to the Carolina Panthers, who ALSO have a black and blue uniform combination that is strangely similar to what the Lions just unveiled.

This is opposed to the current MICHIGAN Panthers in the UFL, who's colors are Maroon and Gold.

So to the haters out there, well... be mad. The Lions are reppin' the Motor City Muscle uniforms whether you like it or not. #OnePride

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