Monday has been highly-anticipated by Americans for a while now. We got a good preview of what was to come in 2017 when the U.S. saw a total solar eclipse across a large swatch of the western United States.

But come Monday, it's much of the Eastern United States' turn to experience a full Solar Eclipse, and this time, the conspiracies are flying like a Boeing - With reckless abandon, and possible disregard for safety. So, let's talk about some of these conspiracies, and debunk the most ridiculous ones.

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First of all, let's go over the basics: If you're traveling to see the eclipse in one of the "totality" areas, or you live in the path of totality, then be sure you plan ahead. If you're going somewhere to watch, leave VERY early as traffic will be heavy. Be sure you've bought plenty of groceries, because the store shelves are going to be empty from eclipse tourists, and for the LOVE OF GOD, don't try to make spontaneous plants. They won't work out.

This Solar Eclipse is crossing some of the most densely populated parts of the Country. Major cities like San Antonio, Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Syracuse are ALL in the path of totality. MILLIONS of people are already in the path of the eclipse, with millions more traveling to see it (potentially under cloudy conditions).

But aside from the influx of population density in an already crowded part of the country, we have the added element of tin-foil-hat conspiracies that, unfortunately, some people are buying into, hook, line, and sinker.

So, we thought we might address some of the most popular conspiracies on the internet, and debunk as many as we can.

Do Not Believe These Eclipse Conspiracy Theories

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