The state of Michigan is absolutely loaded with haunted locations…and I don’t mean the annual “haunted houses” that are put on every Halloween. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the ones that are believed to actually contain some sort of paranormal activity.

The locations listed below are just a tip of the iceberg. This is not a Top Ten list, just a list of ten locations, centered near Jackson, that are worth seeking out for more info and history.

1) This could be one of Jackson's most famous hauntings...the active poltergeist of Maltby Street. I remember reading about this in the Jackson Citizen Patriot WAYYY back in 1961. For the story, CLICK HERE.

2) Every November 22, the spirits of a woman and her father rise from their graves and meet at St. John’s Cemetery. More details HERE. 

3) On a lonely dirt road a ways east of Jackson is a place where satanists held meetings & rituals. There was a bathtub & wooden floors with dried blood stains that wouldn't wash off, and shadowy human-like figures. These are said to be part of the legend of the ‘Pink Palace’ in the Grass Lake countryside. Read the tale HERE. 

4) The sound of Little Mary scratching from inside her coffin at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery.  Read what happened to me at that cemetery HERE.

5) An old piano-playing woman who doesn’t realize she’s dead has been seen in the Jackson Roadhouse. Details HERE. 

6) A lady in a lustrous, blue silk dress has been spotted walking thru the dark of night with a little girl in Bella Notte Restaurant. For info, click HERE. 

7) Spirits of some former inmates are said to be dwelling within the walls, rooms and underground tunnels of the old Jackson Armory. Click HERE for more.

8) Investigators reported feeling the presence of the ghost of a little girl - possibly six or seven years old - inside the Jackson Library. She gave the impression she had been killed in an automobile accident on West Michigan Avenue. Some info can be found HERE. 

9) Another of Jackson's most famous haunts is the Jackson Antique Mall, built around 1826. One of the lost souls who haunt the place is a woman named Blanche, who was the madame of a brothel located on the top floor. She was killed while standing under the skylight when it caved in. More detail HERE.

10) And finally, a little ways west of Jackson, an eerie “Lady in White” has been seen floating aimlessly among the tombstones through Riverside Cemetery in Albion. Read about this haunting HERE.

Click on any or all of the above, read the tales and legends, then do some of your own research.....

And for hundreds more haunted locations throughout the entire state, CLICK HERE!

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