If you need to get into the Secretary of State, now is the time.

If you have had to do anything at the Michigan Secretary of State over the last year and a half, you know how much of a pain it is to get an appointment. Thankfully, branch offices across the state are adding around 350,000 new appointments that are available to Michigan residents.

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Half of the new appointments are available to be booked right now on the Secretary of State website or by calling 1-888-SOS-MICH. The other half will be available soon. The extra 350,000 appointments were made available because, with the appointment-only system, employees at the Secretary of State have been able to speed up efficiency by 25%. Some branches throughout Michigan also have greeters that will let walk-in customers know if they can be served that day. If they can't, the greeter will schedule an appointment for them.

We were able to do this after discussions with our frontline workers who, concerned about the chatter here in Lansing to revert back to a broken ‘take a number and wait’ system, suggested ways they could work harder and faster to be able to handle more transactions efficiently and quickly...said Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

I know some people will disagree with me, but I like the new appointment system, even though it may take a lot longer to get in to get your business done. Last I time I had to go there, I was taken before my appointment time and out the door within 15 minutes. That is way better than the days of taking a number and waiting forever.

Source: ABC 12

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