This Chicago woman experienced every dog owner's worst nightmare Tuesday morning.

A woman was walking her dog along the lakeshore yesterday when Pepper ran off.  Pepper is her 7-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai.  That breed of dog has a very thick coat, which is great to keep warm on those bitter cold Chicago days.  However, that thick coat becomes a problem when water is involved.  Lucky for Pepper and Pepper's human, the Chicago Fire Department divers were nearby performing routine drills according to a tweet from Chicago Fire Media,

This morning, while conducting routine drills, CFD Divers received a call of a dog in the water. A quick calculated response brought this lucky dog safely back to shore from an ice drift 500 feet out.

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What could have been a very sad, tragic story for all animal lovers had a happy ending.  Pepper is doing fine and has been reunited with her human.

We've seen a few other stories like this recently.  In February of last year, a dog was rescued from the freezing waters of the Detroit River.  That poor baby was out there for 4 days before being saved.  Read more on that story by clicking here.

There was also a family dog rescued 4 miles away from the shore of Grand Haven in Lake Michigan in August of 2020.  Read that full story and see the video of that adorable dog by clicking here.

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