When it comes to implementing new rules in school, it's not uncommon to perhaps hear some grumbling complaints. Especially, when it comes to cell phone use.

However, a local teacher has taken a new approach to explaining the new rules by creating an accompanying music video.

This glorious video was brought to our attention by a listener named Teresa who said,

Thought you would enjoy this video out together by a Lakeview Middle School teacher to reinforce the schools new cell phone policy.

And to that we say...Teresa, you were right.

This is Jason Gilbert, a staff member of Lakeview Middle School in Battle Creek. Mr. Gilbert first posted a breakdown of the new rules so all students would have a clear understanding:

Now, maybe he didn't get the response he wanted from the above video. Maybe, he just wanted to express his creative side. Whatever the case, Mr. Gilbert then created this masterpiece:

That's definitely much more catchy than the first video. Also, where were teachers like this when I was a kid?

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The video proves to be such an earworm that even I, a 33-year-old woman, am now singing,

Bell to bell, no cell. Passing time is not a crime.

When it comes to creative ways to get students to not only pay attention but want to learn it should be acknowledged that it's not an easy task. Teachers, especially ones going above and beyond like Mr. Gilbert, deserve all of the respect and recognition.

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