The Lions ended another disappointing season Sunday, but their kicker Matt Prater did bring a little joy for Detroit fans.

Prater won a bet placed at the beginning of the season that means Lions fans will be able to get a free can of Bud Light!

The bet was between Prater and the Denver Bronco's kicker, Brandon McManus. The two kickers made a bet that the kicker with the longest field goal on the season would get free beer provided for his city by the loser. Prater ended up winning the bet with a 59 yard field goal against Washington.

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This was a bet between two kickers, until Bud Light got involved.

Now Bud Light is on the hook to provide free beer for Detroit Lions fans! This normally would be something easy, but obviously Covid has thrown a wrench in all that.

As of now, Bud Light is saying that when it is possible, they will provide a free beer to Lions fans at select bars in Detroit. In the meantime, Prater is not waiting to celebrate his long distance win.

Detroit has a lot to figure out in the off season, including finding a new coach and GM. Many people are also speculating on if the Lions will keep Matt Stafford as their Quarterback or try to find a new one in the draft. As of right now the Lions are predicted to have at least the 8th pick.  The good news is that they will have an ice cold Bud Light to mull the decision over.

As if winning a free beer for Lions fans wasnt enough, Prater also secured himself a place in the NFL record books. Prater now holds the record for made field goals more than 50 yards.

Check out the video of the bet winning field goal below.


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