Last week on The Richard Piet Show, we spoke with Michael McLeieer of ESCAPE, a Southwest Michigan-based organization that promotes fire safety. Mike told us Michigan leads the nation in fire safety deaths at present, and many of them are possibly preventable, given the prevalence of smoke alarms these days.

Still, though, there are homes locally and all over the state that don't have any warning system were the house to catch fire.

Our talk resulted in what we wanted, though, given that one local man phoned Mike and asked him how to get the free smoke detectors. He has a three-bedroom home in the Battle Creek area with, until now, NO smoke detectors. We don't want to think about what could have happened if that home caught fire with no way of alerting its occupants.

If your home is without smoke alarms, click this link to ESCAPE and reach out to them right away. You could make your home a whole lot safer without spending a dime.

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