A lawsuit has been filed against a Kalamazoo High School Principal, alleging sexual harassment took place.

MLive reports the lawsuit was filed in December 2016 by a former employee of the Loy Norrix High School, and claims that Principal Rodney Prewitt made unwanted sexual advances towards her and other employees. The lawsuit says that when the employee rebuffed Prewitt’s advances, she was denied a new position in the district that she had been vying for.

The lawsuit also claims that he has a history of sexual harassment, losing his license to teach in Florida over 15 years ago as a result of allegations in that state. The plaintiff is suing the Kalamazoo School District as well, claiming that they knew of Prewitt’s history when they hired him in 2013, and that they refused to do anything when the alleged victim complained to human resources.

The parties of this lawsuit are currently in mediation.

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