Governor Rick Snyder announced his budget plan for fiscal year 2016, along with a projected 2017 budget, which he said he is proud of because it accomplishes a number of goals and still contributes to the state's rainy day fund.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley assisted the governor in making media rounds Thursday morning to tout the plan, including on WBCK.

The proposal was met with opposition from organizations like the Michigan Restaurant Association, concerned about a proposed hike in license fees for beer, wine and spirits purchases.

Calley tells The Richard Piet Show the budget required some tough decisions, which they expected would prompt some reactions.

"There's a constituency for every single line item in state government," Calley said. "Ultimately if you look at the budget priorities established...they focus on the skilled trades and education issues so that we have a workforce that is ready to take advantage of everything that the economy has to offer. Whoever leads the economy in skilled trades will lead the nation's economy. We want that to be Michigan."

The governor also offered an Executive Order to shore up the 2015 budget shortfall in the state, which the administration said has resulted from previous business tax credits extended by the Granholm administration.

"We put on the table an executive order and supplemental budget request to reduce overall state spending by a couple hundred million dollars," Calley said. "It's still balanced - a requirement of our constitution."

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