So it's been made quite clear that the new CBS TV show "Battle Creek" is based on a "fictionalized version" of our town. But, if you had the chance to have input on a TV show about this town, what would you say would be important to include?

What makes Battle Creek real for you?

Some have already been talking about that, including our friends at the Battle Creek Enquirer. Others may be talking about it around the water cooler - and probably will be as the first few episodes air.

The March 1 premiere of the show is less than a week away, and some lucky residents will get to preview the show Tuesday evening at a special preview party organized by WWMT Newschannel 3 and CW7.

Tell us how you'd make "Battle Creek" real. We'll talk about it on the air, and take it to "The Lori Moore Show" Tuesday and share some of your comments there, too!

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