We have been speaking about asset forfeiture here in Michigan for years and how citizens of Michigan assets are taken without a crime being charged.

Well according to the Michigan Capitol Confidential 10% of people living in Michigan had their assets taken by the state in 2016 and were not charged with a crime.

How is it that the state of Michigan can take people’s property without charging them with a crime, is that not called theft?

Asset forfeiture is a state sanctioned judicial process that lets a government agency keep seized property

According to a report just released by the Michigan State Police, there was 523 people (approximately 10%) whose property was forfeited but they were not charge with a crime.

I am fine with keeping the property or assets of anyone found guilty of a crime and the assets where bought with stolen funds but how does the state keep the property of someone not charged with a crime.

According to the report 5,205 Michigan residents had $12 million in cash and property seized and eventually forfeited to the state in 2016.

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