The Michigan State Supreme Court is again handing a defeat to Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. On Friday the 2nd, the Court released its ruling on two questions referred to the Court by a federal judge. Those were constitutional challenges in the U.S. District Court of Judge Paul Maloney. In one unanimous, and a separate split decision, the Court ruled the Governor’s unilateral emergency extensions and COVID-19 virus controls are invalid.

Those rulings took effect immediately. But the Governor got some bad advice and kept claiming she had 21 more days to run the state without the legislature’s input. But just in case, filed a motion with the High Court demanding the effective date should get pushed back. The new ruling from the High Court is no extension. The actions of the Governor remain invalid. The Governor has been undeterred since she ordered the State Health and Human Services Department to immediately issue Orders that mirrored what the Court ruled, she could not do. That process shows no sign of diminishing. The Court’s latest decision on immediate effect is in relation to the lawsuit filed by the State Legislature with a majority of Republicans. They asked the State Supreme Court to apply its rulings from the earlier case to the legislature’s challenge of the Governor's actions. That ruling could now be released at any time. The Detroit News reports the written opinion from the case makes the point that, "It should again be emphasized that the decision leaves open many avenues for our Governor and the Legislature to work together in a cooperative spirit and constitutional manner to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic." Michigan Republican State House Speaker Lee Chatfield asked for as much from Democratic Governor Whitmer in an open letter to her, and social media posts, over the weekend.

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