Back in March a dog by the name of Hazel vanished from her home in Traverse City Michigan.

When her family returned home one day they were not greeted by Hazel and started searching for her immediately.

WPBN-TV is reporting that the owner told them:

I was consumed - driving down every road, riding around with food, treats, and a leash in my car - I was ready to find her at any given moment

Well 73 days later a couple from Empire Michigan in Leelanau County, which is located about 30 miles away for Traverse City, found Hazel.  Luckily Hazel had a identifying microchip and they were able to find the owners.

When the owners and Hazel were reunited the owner told the TV station that:

The moment we saw her - she jumped in my husband's arms...When she saw us, she knew that she was home

Hazel's had lost about 35 pounds, and only had a few cuts.



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