One of the biggest land auctions of 2020 in Michigan will take place soon. After 4 generations of family farming, Slocum Farms, LLC has decided to downsize and sell 282 acres of prime farming real estate in Newaygo & Oceana Counties.

The real estate being auctioned will be sold in 8 separate parcels. The land can be sold individually, in any combination of parcels, or in its entirety.

“We’ve decided to size-down and centralize our operation by selling some property which possesses fabulous opportunity. We are selling a diverse selection of land and are excited to give the next generation of farmers a chance to own these choice parcels that have been in our family for generations. With the changes to the Farm Bill, the USMCA and the rush to get into the exciting Hemp Industry, there are endless opportunities. Interest rates are low, and our economy is booming as history has never seen! What an awesome time to invest in agricultural real estate.” - Denise Pagura, owner of Slocum Farms, LLC

Slocum Farms, LLC has been known in several parts of the farming industries including, Christmas trees, fruit farming, vegetable farming, and many other cash crops. With the new Michigan regulations of hemp growing, Slocum Farms, LLC believes some of this land could be a great opportunity for the hemp growing industry. With such a promising future, this real estate is prime for just about any type of farming.

Slocum Farms, LLC has hired Miedema Auctioneering to conduct the live real estate auction on Tuesday, March 10th. The auction will be held at The Optimist Club in Shelby starting at 6:00 pm. All the land sells with no minimums and the highest bidder wins.

Pictures & detailed parcel information can be found HERE

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