Two weeks ago, my wife started to get a sore throat that then turned into a fever 24 hours later.  Her sore throat then turned into a cough 4 days later.  I started to have a tickle in my throat a day or two after my wife’s sore throat which then turned into a dry cough.  Those were the only symptoms we had.  We both tested positive for Covid and I was surprised to find out two things.

One was the extreme difficulty we had finding any at-home testing kits in southwest and central Michigan.  In fact, we found zero stores, within a reasonable driving range that had any tests for sale online.  We then called them and were repeatedly informed that they had no test kits available.  We were lucky to find a coworker of my wife’s who heard a Walgreens 30 miles away had a few.  We jumped in the car and got there in time before they sold out.  How is it that almost two years into this pandemic the Biden administration had no plan to have enough tests in place for the upcoming holidays and the winter months?

That was not my biggest surprise, I did not expect anything less from Biden and his administration after witnessing his track record since he was seated in January of 2021.  What surprised me the most was my anger towards the leadership of China for allowing this to happen to the world and not informing the world immediately about their "accident".  I also found that I had anger toward our government officials for doing absolutely nothing about it.  Why didn't China inform the world immediately?  That is up for your speculation.  They could not have thought they would not be exposed.

Why hasn't our government done anything to address what China unleashed on us and the world?  That is also up for your speculation and I have a pretty good idea why Biden and his administration have not.

I felt myself getting very angry that the leadership of China unleashed this virus on the world and now my wife and I had it.  I knew plenty of people that had contracted the virus but never had this personal anger until my wife and I contracted it.  What we do not know is if the release was accidental or on purpose.  Some say that many of their own people died so that discredits the “on purpose” theory.  Really, since when did China’s leadership care about their people and would not risk their deaths for their political gain.

My wife and I sailed through the symptoms in a matter of days, perhaps due to the fact that we were both fully vaccinated.  I would recommend that everyone get fully vaccinated, noticed I said recommend and not mandated.

I believe the world should hold China responsible and make them pay in some way for the carnage the reigned on us and the world.

I felt the need to share with all of you the surprising anger I had towards a country where the people are good and their leadership certainly appears to be evil.

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