There are two categories when it comes to spending money; wants and needs. We need food. We need medicine. We want concert tickets, a new book, a chicken chimichanga (no rice, extra beans) from your favorite Mexican place. The two categories carry different taxes. Groceries are not taxed, whereas a take-away meal is. We pay for the little luxuries that make our lives a little easier, and lazier. But there is one category of product that is certainly a need that has been assessed as a want for far too long; feminine products. Two Michigan lawmakers are aiming to change that.

According to an article from,  Brian Elder and Tanisha Yancey proposed a bill to prohibit the state from charging sales tax on feminine products. That includes tampons, pads, and cups. These items are not optional. They are necessary in a woman's life, and Elder and Yancey would like Michigan to join the roster of 10 other states who have already done away with a luxury tax on feminine products. In my opinion, this is a long time in coming.


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