Levi Lilly, From Grand Rapids, now living in Hawaiirecounts the weekend when the accidental Missile threat was issued. He feared for his life but is still grateful for the system.

In a report from WOOD TV 8, Levi said, "I feared for my Life".

“I read the words ‘Ballistic Missile inbound.’ I thought I was still dreaming,” said Lilly. “I thought it was some kind of nightmare and instantly when I realized I was awake, my heart stopped.”

“I think everybody is so busy criticizing them for this false alarm in all honesty, in the United States we’re very lucky to have a system that warns us of these things,” said Lilly. “This was honestly a very good drill for the real things because it shows nobody is prepared for something like this.”

Do you know anyone in Hawaii? how did you react to the news?


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