In my life, I never saw these words on a flier, announcement, invite or event posting for a gathering to share meals. It has always just been potluck. But apparently there are some other words for this in the Midwest. So what did I miss?

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post from the group "Grandma Joy's Recipes" that asked for recipes for a work "Carry-In". What?! Having never heard the term before, I had to investigate. Scrolling through the comments I saw lots of responses with recipes then finally someone asking the question at hand. "What is a carry-in?", followed by many other comments asking the same before someone finally responded that it was another Midwest term for Potluck. I've lived in the Midwest nearly my whole life...never heard the term. While still trying to wrap my mind around carry-in, another person chimed in saying her mother, who was from Indianapolis, always used the term "Pitch-In". Huh?!

So, which is it? Pitch-in, carry-in or potluck?

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