Yesterday at a Press conference Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson described the changes that the Michigan Senate would like to vote on to ensure the integrity of our elections as “an attack on our democracy”.

Ms. Benson appeared to be caught up in a game of hyperbole.  These proposals are meant to bring some sense of trust and integrity back to our voting process after the free-for-all that occurred last fall.  The Detroit News reported back on March 24th about the Michigan Senate Republicans' proposed update to our current laws.  I suggest you read the article and determine for yourself if they are “an attack on our democracy”.

Yesterday the Detroit News reported that Benson stated:

"This is an attack on our democracy and the American values that make our country strong…They are deceiving the public by claiming their bills improve election integrity when they simply make it harder for all citizens to vote. So don't believe them”.

She wasn’t finished there she went on to say:

"These proposals are based on the lies that sought to undermine the will of the voters in our democracy last year. And they should be seen for what they are: an extension of those same lies, seeking to continue to undermine the will of Michigan citizens."

One of the few concerns about the proposed bills that she bothered to point to as a concern of hers had to do with mail-in voting.  She pointed to one change that would require applicants for absentee or mail-in ballots to attach a copy of their identification.

Ms. Benson believes that asking someone to send a copy of their identification with a ballot request would limit:

"the right to vote by mail to only those who can pay to access a copy machine"

That is what she thinks of the people of Michigan and her party’s voters?  It costs 10 cents to get a copy of a single piece of paper.

I would also ask Ms. Benson how many requests of her various offices, i.e. Department of Motor Vehicle or the SoS offices does she make Michigan citizens provide a copy of documentation?

How many times does the state of Michigan in any capacity demand that you send in or provide them with copies of your documents?

Ms. Benson, are you limiting people the right to do whatever they are attempting to do with the state of Michigan to only people who can afford access to a copy machine?

I am saddened by how little Michigan’s Secretary of State and her Democrat Party thinks of the people of Michigan and specifically people she believes would vote for Democrats.

Perhaps the people that the Secretary of State believes cannot figure out how to get a copy of identification and pay 10 cents for it should consider voting for a Party that has a lot more respect for their capabilities, intelligence and them as fellow human beings.

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