Everybody thinks about the BIG election, like the general election coming up on November 3rd.  That’s when we’ll choose our president, and decide who will control the US Senate and US Congress.  But the next election, the August 4th primary, is pretty important too, especially in Calhoun County.

Voters will decide on the Senior Millage and County Parks Millage.   They’ll narrow the field to one candidate per party in State House races like the 62nd and 63rd district.  In some places where one political party almost always prevails, the primary election will all but decide who wins in November.    Emmett Township voters will decide on their next supervisor, treasurer, and trustees.   The 3rd Congressional District almost always elects a Republican, and five people are seeking to replace Justin Amash in that seat.

So, are you registered to vote?

Michiganders have through July 20 to register to vote online for the Aug. 4 state primary elections. Once registered at Michigan.gov/Vote, you can also request online that your ballot is mailed to you,  as more than 1.5 million other voters have already done.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s office says voters who already have their ballots are encouraged as soon as possible to complete them, sign the back of the envelope, and return them by mail or in person at their local election clerk office or a ballot drop-box. Voters can only vote for one party in the Aug. 4 state primary elections. Ballot return envelopes must be signed by the voter to be counted.

Now and through Election Day, Michiganders can also register and vote in person at their local clerk office. Voters who are already registered can vote in person at their clerk office now and through the day before the election. On Election Day, already registered voters must vote at their local polling place. Clerk and polling place information is available at Michigan.gov/Vote. 

With the pandemic and changes in Michigan voting laws, absent voter ballot numbers continue to climb, with more than 1.4 million ballots issued and nearly double the number of ballots returned compared to the same time in 2016. A side by side comparison of the data 28 days before the elections is below and a breakdown of the numbers by jurisdiction is available online.


28 Days Before Election (July 5, 2016)28 Days Before Election (July 7, 2020)
Number of Applications Received429,1301,506,726
Number of Ballots Issued410,8041,407,374
Number of Ballots Returned57,144109,199
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