Whenever you hear a leftist complain about something that almost certainly means it is what they are doing and are simply attempting to deflect away from their nasty behavior.  The Michigan Capitol Confidential has offered us a great example of that.

Have you ever heard of a person named Paula Herbart?  Paula is an extremely wealthy woman making hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars a year paid directly from Michigan taxpayers to teachers then to her. She is the President of the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and makes approximately a quarter of a million dollars a year.

She recently got upset over parents finding out what she, the Michigan Department of Education, the school administrations and many teachers were doing to their children.  When they found out what she and many of their members were doing to and wanting to do to their children these parents started to go to these school board meetings and let their feelings be known.

Well as we all know bullies do not like to be confronted, especially when you use their tactics against them.  Ms. Taxpayer wealthy Herbart was not happy with all these concerned parents and stated:

“Public shaming, intimidation and bullying have no place in our society, especially when talking about dedicated educators and volunteer school board members committed to student success”

That is not what is happening at these school board meetings.  Asking these members to be accountable for the psychological harm they bring to children is what parents should be doing.  I have yet to see a good example of any school board member being publicly shamed, intimidated or bullied.  Are they out there, I am sure there are a few but I have yet to see one or hear of one and it all comes down to your definition of public shaming, intimidation and bullying.  That is what the left did all last year and continues to do this year with anyone who loves America.   I do agree with her if it was happening.  Her problem is she and the MEA should follow their own words and walk the walk.  Let us remind Ms. Taxpayer wealthy Herbart what her Union and she have authorized and done in the past to her very own members who pay her very rich salary.

When some members did not like the job that she and the MEA were doing for them and wanted to leave the union Ms. Taxpayer wealthy Herbart set out to publicly shame them, intimidate them and bully them.

Here is how the Michigan Capitol Confidential put it:

"Public shaming: When union members opted out of belonging and paying dues to the union, many MEA affiliates posted their names on lists in lunchrooms, teacher lounges and in online newsletters.

Intimidation: When union employees opted out and stopped paying dues after right-to-work took effect, the MEA sought to ruin their credit by reporting nonpayment of (no longer mandated) dues to credit bureaus. The union also paid collection agencies to use bill collector practices on former union members who had opted out of paying the union, as authorized by the law, and therefore owed no union dues.

In another instance, a local union president interrupted the class of a teacher while delivering a letter stating she hadn’t paid dues, which she has no obligation to pay. Some union members were also sued for non-payment of dues by the MEA despite the right-to-work law.

Bullying: Former MEA President Steve Cook used name calling when he repeatedly referred to former union members who opted-out as “freeloaders” in media interviews. Other local MEA unions followed suit."

I think that about covers it, wouldn’t you say.

Excuse me Paula you were saying something about public shaming, intimidation and bullying.

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