I must confess that I love ice cream, really who doesn’t unless they are Lactose intolerant?  I assume there are a few people who do not love ice cream but there must be something wrong with them.  Before I get an avalanche of emails I am only joking.

A well-known ice cream establishment in Mid-Michigan just received national attention last month at ConeCon, the North American Ice Cream Association (NICRA) annual trade show and ice cream competition.

Which establishment was it?

None other than Moo-ville Creamery in Nashville Michigan.  For those who may not know Nashville is located north of Battle Creek on M-66 right east of Hastings and west of Charlotte.  They also have locations in Ionia, Zeeland and Eaton Rapids.

It is a family-run business that entered the competition for the first time this year.  They won the top spot for Chocolate ice cream.  They also won second place for their vanilla ice cream and third place for their strawberry flavor.  That is quite a haul for their first attempt.

The Detroit News reported that Troy Westendorp, head of ice cream production said:

"We started off as nothing…My parents grew up as dairy farmers. And for us to take our own cows' milk and turn it into award-winning ice cream, it just puts a stamp on everything. It kind of justifies all that we've sacrificed over these years to get where we're at, and we're excited for the future."

Why does their ice cream taste so good?  According to Troy, it has to do with the percentage of butterfat, they use up to about 16-17%.  He told the Detroit News:

"(It's) the most expensive part of the ice cream, but the more cream that you put in the ice cream, the smoother finish you get at the end”

If you love ice cream this will be a trip worth taking.  Since the news broke about their victory they have received an increased demand for their chocolate ice cream.   Not to worry Troy said:

"We knew it was coming, so we stocked up quite a bit on inventory."

If you have not visited this establishment yet you may want to consider putting it on your bucket list. That being your ice cream bucket list.

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