If some lawmakers in Michigan have their way you might soon be able to hunt Sandhill cranes in the state of Michigan.

MLive is reporting that State Representative Jim Lower of Cedar Lake and State Senator Dale Zorn of Ida have introduced House Resolution 61 and Senate Resolution 30.  The Resolutions would ask the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to add Sandhill cranes to the game species list as well as request approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for establishing a hunting season.

They must seek approval from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service because the birds are a migratory species.

Michigan State Senator Zorn of Ida said in a statement that introduced the resolution requesting that the state scientifically manage Sandhill cranes as it does other wildlife:

The ever-increasing Sandhill crane population in Michigan offers wonderful bird-watching opportunities, and it also could support a new and exciting hunting experience in our state…A Michigan hunt would enrich our outdoor heritage, help state and federal agencies manage sandhill cranes, and preserve the species for generations of wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

State Representative Jim Lower of Cedar Lake introduced a very similar proposal in 2017 stated in his statement:

Our state’s crane population continues to grow even as the number of issued nuisance permits increases - which is not an optimal means for managing our wildlife…Sandhill cranes should be treated like every other type of wildlife in Michigan, with scientific management processes in place to protect both the environment and our farmers from the negative effects of overpopulation.

I am not a hunter but certainly support hunters in our state and country.  If there is an overpopulation of these birds then they must be managed one way or another.

Those of you who are hunters would you want to hunt these large birds? If so what does it taste like and do not say chicken, LOL.

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