If you are a nature lover you should be very glad if you live in Michigan. There are some breathtaking animals that are simply beautiful and stand out in our state. For Instance Gray Wolfs, Wolverines, Bull Elk, Red Fox, Red-Tailed Hawk, Barrelled Owl, Bull Moose and so much more.

Onlyinourstate.com has quite a list of animals that are stunning and home to our great state of Michigan. Some of us get lucky and get a rare look while on a hike in the summer while fishing, hunting, or driving.  Some may even get a peek while snowmobiling this winter.

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One of the animals that have always amazed me since I was a kid was the Bald Eagle. I was in Juno, Alaska a while back and got a chance to stand high on a mountain to watch these birds, amazing. They are truly a sight to behold.

Chances Of Seeing A Bald Eagle Much Better In Michigan

So, according to upnorthlive.com getting a close look at bald eagles was very rare all around Michigan, but numbers have risen across the state. Now your chances of seeing them are much higher than they were 10 years ago.


We went from 30-some pairs of bald eagles, to now probably around 900 or more pairs of bald eagles throughout Michigan," said Chris Mensing, a fish and wildlife biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service



More Good News On Bald Eagles

And here is more good news. Populations across the lower 48 states according to the  US Fish and Wildlife Service showed the number of our bald eagles had more than quadrupled from 2009 to 2019. Amazing and great to hear. They figure that 316,700 Bald Eagles are here and about 71,467 breeding pairs.

So keep an eye out because if you spend a lot of time outdoors your chances will be much better to see Bald Eagles in Michigan, especially if you're near open bodies of water, lakes, and rivers.

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