Would you like to be part of the Election process? Have you considered serving as an Election Inspector, Receiving Board Inspector, an Absent Voter Counting Board Inspector, or a Precinct Greeter for the November 3rd General Election? If you are interested, please contact a local clerk this week!

An Election Inspector may serve all day or a portion of Election Day. Election Inspectors work as a team to administer the election and maintain order in the polls protecting the integrity of the election process.

Receiving Board Inspectors are established to ensure recountability. Inspectors will report to work by 8:00p on Election Night and will work in teams of two to review and ensure all paperwork from the polling location has been completed properly and accurately.

An Absent Voter Counting Board Inspector will work most of Election Day. Inspectors work as a team with the sole purpose of processing and tabulating absentee ballots. These Inspectors are sequestered and cannot leave the polling place until after 8 p.m. on Election Night.

Training is required to be an inspector…..

  • Online training is available at gov/elections where virtual sessions can be completed at your leisure. Numerous Resources are available along with a list of Qualifications and an Application. A Certification Test must be completed and turned in to your local or county clerk’s office. Training includes YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, flow charts, practice scenarios, etc.
  • Some local clerks may also provide small in-person gatherings to review training information
  • Some local clerks may provide training via Zoom meeting

To be eligible to serve for the November 3, 2020 General Election, all inspectors need to be appointed by the local city or township election commission no later than October 13, 2020, so you will need to complete your training and application soon.

Local clerks are also seeking Precinct Greeters to direct voters as they come into the precinct as well as sanitizing surfaces between voters. Precinct Greeters are not required to complete Inspector training.

If you are interested in assisting in the election process in your community and/or county, please contact your local city or township clerk this week:

  • CITY OF ALBION: Jill Domingo, Clerk, Phone: (517) 629.7864
  • CITY OF BATTLE CREEK: Victoria Houser, Clerk, Phone: (269) 966.3348
  • CITY OF MARSHALL: Trisha Nelson, Clerk, Phone: (269) 781.5183
  • CITY OF SPRINGFIELD: Kris Vogel, Clerk, Phone: (269) 441.9272
  • ALBION TOWNSHIP: Kathy Grundemann, Clerk, Phone: (517) 629.7270
  • ATHENS TOWNSHIP: Debera Denney, Clerk, Phone: (269) 729-5305
  • BEDFORD CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Joyce Feraco, Clerk, Phone: (269) 965.1999
  • BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP: Darlene Mack, Clerk, Phone: (517) 765.2323
  • CLARENCE TOWNSHIP: Sheryl Proteau, Clerk, Phone: (517) 857.2288
  • CLARENDON TOWNSHIP: Sharla Vincent, Clerk, Phone: (517) 767.4416
  • CONVIS TOWNSHIP: Kimberly L. Collins, Clerk, Phone: (269) 789.0654, ext. 1
  • ECKFORD TOWNSHIP: Le Anne Blight, Clerk, Phone: 517.937.8273
  • EMMETT CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Tracy Myers-Malone, Clerk, Phone: (269) 968.0241
  • FREDONIA TOWNSHIP: Cathy Combs, Clerk, Phone: (269) 781.8115
  • HOMER TOWNSHIP: Trixie McMeeking, Clerk, Phone: (517) 930.4474
  • LEE TOWNSHIP: Samantha VanDorsten, Clerk, Phone: (269) 749.9292
  • LEROY TOWNSHIP: Brenda Schuetz, Clerk, Phone: (269) 979.9421
  • MARENGO TOWNSHIP: Doreen VanSickle, Clerk, Phone: (269) 781.8422
  • MARSHALL TOWNSHIP: Susan George, Clerk, Phone: (269) 781.7976
  • NEWTON TOWNSHIP: Mary Aldrich, Clerk, Phone: (269) 979.3212
  • PENNFIELD CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Kathy Case, Clerk, Phone: (269) 968.8549
  • SHERIDAN TOWNSHIP: Stephanie Craig, Clerk, Phone: (517) 629.2604
  • TEKONSHA TOWNSHIP: Craig Clark, Clerk, Phone: (517) 767.3366
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