A lot of election results are still up in the air, but Calhoun County voters were decisive in their support of the current  county government.

"I think it's a huge vote of confidence for the job that we've been doing in Calhoun County government, " said Board Chairman Steve Frisbie.

Frisbie, a Republican, is also the vice-chairman of the Calhoun County GOP.  "From my perspective, when you step back and look at what was accomplished last night , everything that happened in the 2016 election happened again in the county. The GOP had a phenomenal night," said Frisbie.  "We appreciate the support of all the voters."

All of the current top Calhoun County officials, all Republicans, were elected by wide margins.

  • Prosecuting Attorney Dave Gilbert
  • Treasurer Brian Wensauer
  • Clerk-Register Kim Hinkley
  • Sheriff Steve Hinkley.

Both Hinkleys, husband, and wife, were appointed earlier in the year to finish the terms of retiring officials.  This was their first election and each wins a 4-year term.

Republican Ron Smith was elected as Calhoun County’s new Water Recourses Commissioner.

All seven Calhoun County Board members faced challenges.  All seven were re-elected.  Five Republicans won their races:

  • District 1 Kathy-Sue Vette
  • District 4 Steve Frisbie (Board Chairman)
  • District 5 Derek King
  • District 6 Tommy Miller
  • District 7 Gary Tompkins

Two Democrats were re-elected:

  • District 2 Rochelle Hatcher
  • District 3 Jake Smith

Smith was challenged by Battle Creek realtor Herman “Chip” Spranger.  Spranger had a decisive, several hundred vote lead in that race for most of the night.  Once the totals were re-posted around 5am to include the absentee votes, Smith won by 790 votes.

5th District Commissioner Derek King won re-election in decisive fashion, garnering 7,338 votes, or 72% of the vote.  "2020 was an election never seen before," said King. "Once again Calhoun went predominately red. I’m flattered for the support. I think i can speak for us all we just want to do our jobs for the 135,000-plus residents of this county in a bipartisan way. We have yet to see the full effect of the pandemic so I’m sure there will still be plenty of challenges moving into the next term."

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