There are some serious head-scratchers when it comes to the world of roadside sculptures and attractions in Michigan. We recently talked about one we discovered in the Upper Peninsula in the town of Daggett. The driveway display at N9273 US Hwy 41 in front of the Tom Wangerin Excavating Company includes a cow flashing people like it's Mardi Gras, a cow made up to look like a waiter and a self-garnishing hot dog man. Talk about strange, but also a great way to drive in new customers. But there are some that aren't so subtle, like the water tower in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The Phallic Water Tower, as it's known by some, is a 147-foot-tall Victorian-era tower that has become famous for its evocative, at least to some people, shape. The limestone tower was built in 1890, and some think Victorian-era Americans would have been appalled that anyone saw a willy in their water tower, however, some have taken the opportunity to joke about it, sighting a long-standing urban myth:

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Rumor has it that should a virgin ever graduate from the local university, Eastern Michigan, that the water tower shall crumble. I am happy to report it is standing taller and prouder than ever! -Bruce E-

Many comedians have joked about the building, referring to it as "The Brick D*ck," and in 2003 Cabinet magazine ranked the tower as the World's Most Phallic Building.  I guess if you're gonna be known for something it may as well be something that brings happiness to others.

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