It’s time for 95.3 WBCK’s Christmas Concentration on the WBCK Morning Show!

When Tim Collins announces it's time to play, call  269-441-9595 and be the right caller.   It works just like the TV game show "Concentration." Tell Tim which two numbers between 1 and 16 you'd like to choose. Tim will reveal the prizes behind those numbers, and if your prizes match, you win! You could win one of the prizes listed below.


  • King Jewelers $50
  • Line X Truck Bed Liners $100
  • Michigan Tile & Carpet $50
  • Cereal City Napa $100
  • Burtrum Furs Shearling Gloves
  • A Moment Away hour massage
  • DeMaagd GMC Nissan $50
  • Sandhill Moonraker Restaurant in Marshall $50

The WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins airs on WBCK from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. The game ends Friday Dec. 22nd, or whenever all the prizes are won.

Listen each morning for two chances to play Christmas Concentration on 95.3 WBCK!

Here's a tip: As Tim reveals what prizes are behind which numbers, write a few notes down. That way, it's easier to remember what you've heard - and easier to make a match if you happen to be the next caller!

Christmas Concentration is similar to the old game show on TV and the 1950’s Milton Bradley board game, similar to this one for sale by toy9771 on ebay.


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