I interviewed State Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton Township. Senator Colbeck about two bills he introduced that would require state universities to adopt policies that protect free speech and intellectual debate on campus and ensure that invited speakers would be allowed to speak.

In a press release he stated the following:

"The concept of free speech under the First Amendment is one of our core values as Americans. The right to free speech at our schools is a particularly important piece of the fabric of our country. It is at this time that many of our younger citizens first start to realize the true importance of both their individual voice and the ability to learn from the differences of others."

I find it hard to believe in this day and age when Professors at our our college campuses demand tenure so they can speak freely without the fear of being fired, then many of them turn around and want to limit the free speech of others.

Senator Colbeck also stated in his press release the following:

“Constitutional experts agree that the litmus test for when free speech should be barred has little to do with whether others believe it is objectionable. In fact, that is why we need the First Amendment. We do not need a First Amendment to protect against the speech we agree with. Groupthink is the last thing we want to see on our campuses.”

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