As I reported last week the Democrats on Michigan's Board of State Canvassers failed to do their jobs and rejected the Michigan Bureau of Elections certification of the Unlock Michigan petition.  As Fred informed us in my interview with him last Friday (April 23rd, 2021) this has happened in the past.  When it does happen the petition group goes directly to the Michigan Supreme Court and the Board of Canvassers are ordered to accept the recommendation.

Michigan's Board of State Canvassers consists of two Democrat and two Republican members.

The Michigan Bureau of Elections, as they typically do, reviewed a small sample of 506 signatures out of the 538,345 that were turned into the state government.  Of those 506 signatures, they determined that 434 or 86% were considered valid.  Applying that 86% validity rate against the total 538,345 signatures submitted by Unlock Michigan translates to 460,358 valid signatures. That is 120,311 more signatures than the 340,047 needed for the Unlock Michigan ballot proposal to obtain certification.

The spokesman for Unlock Michigan Fred Wszolek sent out the following press release:

“The Board of State Canvassers failed to do its legal duty today to certify the Unlock Michigan petition. Predictable partisanship from two members -- in clear violation of the law and every court precedent -- disenfranchises more than 540,000 voters who want their voice heard.

There is no doubt that Unlock MI submitted sufficient signatures to require certification. There is no doubt what the Board's clear legal duty was. Do we need to seek sanctions and court costs against individual canvassers to get them to start doing their legal duty?

These rogue board members know the rules, yet they posture as being in favor of new rules. What they really stand for the suppression of the voice of Michigan voters. Once again the Michigan Supreme Court will have to smack down these board members who refused to do their jobs.”

Please listen to my interview with Fred Wszolek about this bump in the road and what they intend to do next:

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