I wrote a piece earlier this week titled “Will Whitmer fine herself or just the East Lansing Business?”, that question has now been answered and that answer surprises no one.

That answer is; she or anyone else will not fine either of them.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows how the Whitmer administration has been acting since day one.  Whitmer has broken her own rules time after time so why would she change now or punish anyone involved with aiding her to break her own rules.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that Linda Vail, the Ingham County Health Officer, stated yesterday that they will not be issuing any citations or fines against The Landshark Bar & Grill.  She stated:

"We did have a conversation with The Landshark (Bar & Grill), as environmental health always will…Enforcement, including enforcement of COVID-related orders, is always a step-wise kind of function. So we don't jump to issuing violations and fining people and that sort of thing”

She went on to say:

"We go in, we have conversations, we correct, we get the owner to recognize what's going on and say, 'Yep, I understand that — not going to do it anymore.' That has happened. That conversation has occurred, and that is typically what we do…This would not be considered a critical violation."

There are a few restaurants, bars and businesses that might have a problem with what you are saying, Ms. Vail.

Ms. Vail went on to let us know that since the pandemic started she has penalized only two restaurants in Ingham County. One she said had violated COVID-19 public health restrictions multiply times and was shut down until they created a “corrective plan” and put it in place. The other one is more interesting.  That one she said had opened their doors “to indoor dining at a time when restaurants were supposed to offer only carryout or outdoor dining”.

What is the difference between breaking the rules by opening their doors to “indoor dining at a time when restaurants were supposed to offer only carryout or outdoor dining” and allowing more than 6 people in a group to sit at one table?

My thought is there are none, except one in which Whitmer was involved and one when she was not involved.

How much more will the Michigan residents take of this hypocrisy from Governor Whitmer and county health officials around the state?

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