Michigan's own Rocker Ted Nugent appeared in Lansing last September to testify about his opposition to Michigan’s deer- and elk-baiting ban that was established statewide in 2018.  This ban was put in place according to Michigan officials to stem the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) and tuberculosis.

I interviewed Ted about his testimony but more importantly about his life long experience of hunting both deer and elk.

What is baiting?  Baiting is the practice of setting up piles of food such as apples, beets, and carrots that both deer and elk love. Once they find an area where baiting occurs, the deer will always return to the spot including the hunting season.

Ted told a House Government Operations Committee hearing and myself and listeners:

While I’m sitting here, deer are swapping spit...They eat off the same apple. They eat off the same branch...The rule banning feeding and baiting in Michigan is going to chase hunting families out of the sport for absolutely no reason

He went on to say on my show:

If a disease can be transmitted by nose to nose contact, there is not a damn thing you can do about it. The minute a deer is born they lick, they groom, and they swap spit.

Check out what Ted Nugent said right from Ted himself:

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