After responding to multiple medical calls at an apartment at Oak Meadows, one officer decided to dig deeper to find out why. Public Safety Officer Karilynn Noppe found that the gentleman who lived there rarely ever ventured outside because he was afraid of falling down the steps. She found out he had been paralyzed on his left side and was having a difficult time with steps. PSO Noppe then decided to see what she could do to get a ramp put in for him.

After talking to several people she found an anonymous citizen willing to donate the ramp and then spoke with Dave Diemert, from Diemert Construction, who was willing to install the ramp. On Thursday, the ramp was installed.

Officer Noppe says her next goal is to get him a motorized wheel chair, so he can get around easier and get outside more.

Thank you PSO Noppe, Diemert Construction and the ramp doner, who chose to stay anonymous, for going above and beyond to help their community.

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